There’s so many times in my life that I need less.

Less noise

Less drama

Less technology

Less calories


When this world takes up too much of my time, I feel myself drowning, overwhelmed by so many demands.  I feel it in my soul. I hear it in my voice.  I’m dreary, irritable, negative.  Just really not a pleasant person.


When I realize I’m out of sync, that something just isn’t right, it comes to me that I need less of this world and more of God.  I need to spend more time with Him, confide in Him, listen to Him, and just be with Him.  My time with Him refreshes me, renews and restores me.  What joy it is to empty myself of this world and fill the depths of my soul with Him!


Today, we are bombarded with so much.  We are overwhelmed by the media. We are overwhelmed with health issues. We are overwhelmed by the trials of life.  But there is hope, and that hope is found in Jesus.


My prayer for you today is this……allow God to empty you of the stress of the world and fill you with His goodness.






Thank you for joining me for this week’s Five Minute Friday.  Be sure to stop by the FMF Community and share the love.  

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