Comfort: Five Minute Friday on Saturday

Comfort is a blessing. Yet, being uncomfortable is a blessing as well.  If you know me, you know I have a thing for coffee cups.  They seems to speak to me each morning when I open the cabinet doors, calling to me, “Pick me. You need me today.”  As weird as it seems, I’ve reached for a coffee cup and it just didn’t seem right, so I chose another.  AWKWARD!  I guess you can say coffee cups bring me comfort.


But God didn’t create us to be comfortable.  I think he created comfort to be a blessing to us. However, if we are always comfortable, we will cease to grow.


For instance, I am most comfortable around children.  Being their teacher is the only thing I wanted to do for the longest time.  Then, I was given the opportunity to teach an adult Sunday School class. Y’all, I broke out into hives on my wedding day because I had to stand in front of people for 10 minutes.  So, you can imagine how nerve wrecking teaching adults God’s Word is for me.


Then, the opportunity to attend the first Five Minute Friday Retreat came up.  I was so nervous! I’d never done anything like that before… out of my comfort zone.


And then just this week…..

(timer stopped, but I’m still going)

Just this week, my husband and I drove across the state to meet total strangers so I could hopefully connect with them through writing.


And I truly believe that God wants us to be uncomfortable, to be nervous, to be a bit anxious and afraid, so we won’t forget that HE is our COMFORT.  HE is our STRENGTH.  HE is our REFUGE.





4 thoughts on “Comfort: Five Minute Friday on Saturday

  1. Stephanie says:

    “I think he created comfort to be a blessing to us.” Yet, sometimes we are placed in Earthly places that are uncomfortable in order to truly recognize the blessing in it. When we are dependent on God’s comfort in those situations, we experience His sovereignty.


  2. Laura Miller says:

    Remember how Paul urged the Corinthians to grow beyond their dependence on spiritual milk, fighting against growth, instead of surrendering to growing up (eating spiritual meat), which includes discomfort?

    “if we are always comfortable, we will cease to grow.” You nailed it.

    Great to be your fmf neighbor this week!


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