I’m Gonna Flay, Flay, Flay

One of my favorite memories is when we were talking to one of our boys and his response to a question was, “I’m gonna flay, flay, flay.” He meant he was going to play, play, play and was super excited about it.


As a mom, there’s nothing I like to see more than watching my boys play.  And boys can play!  Never a dull moment with them.  I love watching them use their imaginations, making up games, or enjoying a video game together.  We love family board games, yet we are all really competitive so  they get quite brutal!  When we go to the beach or to the pool, there is much to be done.


Those moments create lasting memories.


I want my children to remember me playing with them, not having a phone in my hand.


I want my children to remember the messes they made because I let them be kids.


I want my children to remember their tired daddy tossing the ball or digging a trench for their sandcastle.


I want them to remember the times we played together.


As they grow into young men and then into fathers themselves, I want them to remember what a happy childhood looks and sounds like.




Thank you for joining me for this week’s Five Minute Friday post.


6 thoughts on “I’m Gonna Flay, Flay, Flay

  1. mghollis38 says:

    We have certain games that aren’t allowed in our house, because we get too competitive too. 😉 Enjoy your family time. It’s precious.

    (your neighbor at FMF)


  2. JoyMartell says:

    Love your desires for your boys. I grew up with three boys and they just have a different idea about play, don’t they? These years are gone so fast; savor all of them.


    • Natasha says:

      A “girlmom” from church once told me, “I didn’t realize boys could make a weapon out of anything!”

      I will definitely savor my time with them.


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