52 Books in 52 Weeks: Book 14

I love a book that makes me feel all emotions.  A Dog’s Purpose is that book!  Earlier this year, I’d won a gift card from our local animal shelter to see the movie, yet I decided I needed to read the book first.  Before school ended, I bought the book from my last Scholastic book order so I could read it this summer.  I began to read it one Saturday at baseball practice, but my 11 year old decided he needed to read it too.  So, he took it.  One night he said, “Mama, you need to hurry up and read this book so we can talk about it.” Needless to say I had to take it back from him.


I laughed. I cringed. I bawled like a baby.  This book melted my heart and made me consider my own precious dogs, and yes, the cat too!  Now if my son will finish it, we can talk about it and then watch the movie.


I am placing this book under the category of “a book that became a movie” from the 2017 Ultimate Reading Challenge from hannahbraime.com.


What are you reading this summer?


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