31 Days Ago

Thirty-one days ago, we opened the book Triggers: Exchanging Parents Angry Reactions for Gentle Biblical Responses.  We began a journey to get back to being the parents God created us to be.  So today, I have a question: Are you the same parent you were 31 days ago? It doesn’t matter to me if you are still on Chapter 6 or you finished the book in one week.  What matters is that God spoke to you through the words of the book, through the scriptures, and through the prayers.

new creation

For me, I feel I’ve been more gentle with my children. I’ve definitely listened to them more, trying to understand them.  Also, I’ve noticed that I’ve been more apt to listen to my students at school, to understand them as well.  Because of this inclination to stop and listen, my voice level has been lower, my words kinder.

I’ve also been making it a point to be present, really present with my boys.  When they’ve wanted to play, I’ve played. When they’ve wanted to talk, I’ve talked. When they’ve wanted to help, cuddle, or whatever, I’ve done my best to put them first.  I have to say, our home has been much more peaceful.

In the past week, we had an incident in our home where one brother was too rough with another brother.  Normally, I would have gone through the roof.  Jeff too. However, we handled the situation quite calmly, and it seems the natural consequences had quite an effect on our children.

Now, I am not saying I’ve become the perfect mother in 31 days.  Not quite.  God’s not done with me yet.  From experience, I know that I will lose my cool again, but I also know that God will pick me up.  I will ask forgiveness from my children. I will try again.

There is hope each and every day that I will be a more Christian mom than I was the day before.

tomorrow jealous

What about you, Friend?  How have you changed the last 31 days? How can I pray for you and your journey to become the Christian parent God has planned for you to be?


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