Do-ers and Multitaskers: What do you need to let go?


I remember when my husband was deployed there was one day that was terribly hard.  We were 21 days into the deployment and I was EXHAUSTED. I was working full time, coaching robotics and preparing for a competition, taking care of all my household responsibilities, and continuing to volunteer at church. My schedule was off, I had not adjusted to all my responsibilities. I was struggling.

There was another time that I was filling in fo
r a Wednesday evening teacher at church, and I lost my cool with the kids. Yes, at church.  I had taught all day and dealt with behavior issues at school.  I had dealt with the behavior of my own children between school and church. When I tried to teach the class, the girls were very catty, and I had trouble dealing with it.  I was teaching something to someone 6 days a week. I struggled with it.

chasing the wind

I usually take pride in the fact that I am a multitasker. I like to take on projects and feel accomplished when things get done.  Let me just give you a list of what I’m usually up to:

Everyday mom and wife responsibilities

5th grade reading and writing teacher and all the responsibilities that come with teaching

Robotics coach (one more sumo bot competition)

Academic team helper (on break until next school year)

Sunday School teacher

VBS teacher

Wednesday evening nursery worker

Veterans Day program organizer

Baseball mom

Golf mom

Soccer mom

Book Study leader


52 Books in 52 Weeks Reading Challenge participant


Now, let me say this…..I’m not posting this list to say, “Hey! Look at what I can do. Can you keep up with me?!?!?!” No. Not at all. I’m posting this list just to say, “Hey, Friend. I know what it’s like to have a lot on your plate. I know what it’s like to be overwhelmed with all that must be done. I know what it’s like to have an anxiety attack because I couldn’t handle it all.”


Yes, I have been so overwhelmed that I would burst into tears and not exactly know why.

Yes, I have been so overwhelmed that I would lose my temper with my children.

Yes, I have been so overwhelmed that I would lie in bed with my heart racing and be unable to breath, swearing I was having a heart attack.

proverbs 17

I am a “do-er.” However, sometimes those things that I think are my priorities, well, they must go to the wayside.


As moms, we must ask ourselves, “Is what I’m doing taking away from my fellowship with Christ?” If the answer is yes, then we must let it go. If whatever it is causes us to be bitter or angry or frustrated, well, then we must let it go.  In this chapter, Wendy wants us to consider this: Does the complicating outweigh the blessing?


As a “do-er,” I must ask myself if my “doing” is becoming an idol?  There is so much I want to do; however, I’ve come to realize that this may not be the season for it.  When Jeff began preaching fulltime, I had to say no to working in the nursery on Sundays.  I love nursery duty, and it was hard to give up. However, I wanted to be in the service supporting him, and that was my priority.  God understands that.  With my writing….I want to do so much more. With women’s ministry……I want to do so much more. As a pastor’s wife……I want to do so much more.  But I must wait for the right season. I must trust God’s timing.


What about you? Is your plate too full?

What is something you need to let go because it has your priorities out of whack?


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