I have no words of wisdom from Chapter 24 other than this: When the noise is unbearable, pray. Seek God for his peace, and he will give it to you.  And remember this… day, that noise will be gone.  With that being said,

I would love to share with you an old Five Minute Friday post I wrote in January of 2016.

Guys, be quiet!

Will you be quiet for a minute?

If ya’ll would be quiet, you could hear what I was saying.

Do you know how many times this teacher mama asks little ones to be quiet each day? Well, me neither, but I know it’s a lot.

Sometimes all we gals need is a little peace and quiet. Time to relax. Time to speak.  Just no noise, silence, to do or say what needs to be done or said.

It feels like noise is never-ending.

As a mama, I try to get my boys to stop yelling.  I try to get them quiet while I’m on the phone – well, because you know our kids don’t want to talk to us until someone calls us.

Quiet please! For just 5 minutes.

But one of these days, that quiet will come for every mama.

For whatever reason…..

The heartbreaking loss of a child or the inevitable growing up of a child.

The house will be come quiet.

Too quiet.

Too soon.

We will ache.

We will ache for those arguments.

We will ache for that laughter, those unstoppable giggles.

We will ache for that call in the middle of the night, “Mama, come lay down with me.”

When my middle son was just a wee bit younger, he had this VERY high pitched voice.  It was loud and squeaky, and well, loud.

I remember telling him many times, “SHHHHH! Be a little quieter.”

Then we got the book Holler Loudly.

We got the book Holler Loudly through Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library.  We read the book and this mama cried.

You see. Holler was born loud.  That’s just who he was.  His parents, his teachers, and everyone in town was annoyed by his loudness and just wanted him to be quiet. It broke his spirit, but one day, Holler saved his town by being heard.

And it was in that moment that I realized that this loud, squeaky, high pitched voice was who Carson was and that one day too soon, that voice will be gone.  And it is changing.  He’s a few years older, but that voice isn’t the same.

And this mama misses it.

I miss how Colin used to say geen instead of green and sampoo instead of shampoo and Meeus Leaaazzzleeee instead of Mrs. Leslie.

I miss how Carson used to say aaaand as loudly and high pitched as he could get and how everything else included “well, actually.”

And Carter, our youngest,  I already miss “I wuv you, Mama” and “Wook what I can do” and “Tootie too.”

And just last night during our devotion about peace and trust and worry, he said this, “Mama, I have worries.”

What??? He’s five! What does he have to worry about?????

And he’s worried about speech. That when he goes to see Mrs. Nisha to work on his sounds that he will mess up.

Oh, baby its ok.  Your speech is one of the things that makes you special and one day those sounds and your incorrect usage of her and she will be gone and Mama is going to miss it.

The laughter from, “Who farted?”

Their noise

The anger of “You’re a liar! You said you would play with me.”

Their voices

The singing of God’s Not Dead, Kick the Dust Up, and Whose Gonna Fill Their Shoes from the backseat

The bedtime prayers that start like dinnertime blessings

I love you, Mama fifty gazillion times a day

I’m gonna miss it because one day it will be too quiet too soon.


God is our peace. When the noise of our children seems to be too much. Pray. Pray for God to calm your spirit because one day, Mama, you’re going to miss the noise.


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One thought on “Noise

  1. leslie says:

    I love this, Natasha. And I remember that “Meeus Leaaazzzleeee” so well and also the “well actually.” Adorable! My house is way too quiet these days. It’s been a learning curve here! This post brought back sweet memories of my own. : ) Thank you!


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