A Sunday Edition of Five Minute Friday: Friend

I’ve always had a difficult time making friends.  Friendship is hard. Especially adult friendships.


Any type of relationship takes work and effort.  If you want to be a good friend, you should put plenty of time into the relationship, spending time with the person, getting to know her, being an encourager and confidant.  But people are people and they will let you down, or you will let your friends down.


There is One who is a true friend, though.  There is One that desires a relationship with us more than anything else.  And entering into a relationship with Him is the greatest decision we will ever make. It will help shape our relationships with everyone else.


Yet, with any relationship, our relationship with Jesus takes time and effort.  We need to put Him first, spending time with Him, getting to know Him, and letting Him know us.  And the beautiful thing…..He will never disappoint us. He will never let us down.  He is the best friend we will ever have.  He knows are hearts and He loves us anyway.  How many people would do that?  How many people would stay with us and love us if they knew our deepest, darkest secrets?  Not many. But with Jesus, we don’t have to worry about Him leaving us.  He is with us always.


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