Out of the Darkness

Is it safe to say, that we’ve all found ourselves in a dark place?  Maybe that darkness was caused by our own doing or was completely out of our control due to neurological, medicinal, or hormonal reasons.  Maybe you’ve been lifted out of the darkness  or maybe you are still there.  Either way, we’ve each experienced a feeling of hopelessness.


I think this feeling of hopelessness comes from our insecurities, our feelings of failure.  We never intended to be angry moms. We never dreamed of yelling at our children day in and day out.  Yet, it seems that is where we find ourselves.  It is terribly confusing.  As Christian moms we place all of these expectations on ourselves. When we (or our children) don’t live up to them, we feel like failures.  Hormonal imbalances, depression, and postpartum depression don’t help.  Not only do we feel like we should be supermoms, we can’t understand where these feelings of darkness are coming from.  We find ourselves in a deep dark pit that seems to have no way out.

super god

However, God always provides a way out. According to Wendy, “God takes our mess and makes it our message.”

Unfortunately, once we are saved, some of us think we are “good to go.”  We’ve trusted God with our eternal salvation, yet we fail to trust Him with our daily salvation.  We get embarrassed and fail to cry out to Him, “God I need help! I don’t understand why I feel this way.”

One of the things I love about the Bible is the fact that it is full of testimonies of imperfect people.  Take King David for instance.  We know he was a man after God’s own heart, yet he still struggled with dark emotions.  And what did David do?  (I asked that in my best Kevin Bacon voice by the way) David sought God. He cried out to his Father.

And what happens when we cry out to the Father?

He provides.

He provides a way out.


Many times this way out comes in the form of people, those that you can connect with. Those that will hold your hand. Those that will let you cry on their shoulder. Those that will listen and sympathize and encourage and love no matter how deep or how dark your pit is.  God will use these people to bring light back into your life.

There’s no miracle cure all.  Our transformation happens little by little, bit by bit. But slowly we change.  And our children will take notice.  They will see Mama in God’s Word. They will hear Mama’s prayers.  They will see Mama change one sweet, tender response at a time.

And that will be a living testimony.

Our children will see us come alive out of whatever darkness has a grip on us.

Psalm 27:13 says, “I remain confident in this: I will see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living.” What does His goodness look like to you?

How could we encourage other moms who suffer from dark emotions?

psalm 40

No matter how dark it is right now, remember that joy comes in the morning. With God, there is always hope.


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