Changing Patterns and Breaking Habits

Earlier we talked about what we envisioned motherhood to be like. I’m sure images of butterfly kisses, bare feet running across the backyard, and shrills of laughter come to mind for many of us.  I don’t know anyone who imagined  motherhood being tearful and heated with angry words spewing left and right.


Not a picture perfect image at all.


We never planned to be angry moms.


Some may have been raised by angry parents, parents that did not provide a safe, loving home, and vowed never to turn out that way. Some may have developed habits along the way that created angry, unclean hearts.  Either way, as angry moms, we’ve probably felt utterly hopeless, that we were bound by the heavy chains of anger.  But let me tell you something, Jesus is a chain breaker.


The chains of anger are heavy and burdensome.  We can do nothing with them on our own. Yet, when we truly desire change, when we’ve been convicted by the Holy Spirit, God will break those chains.  He can and He will create in us a pure heart.  When the temptation to scream and yell and throw a fit come right us, He provides a way out.  Jesus is the way out.


We don’t have to worry any longer about ruining our kids.  We don’t have to worry about the remembering us as angry moms. When we fully surrender to Christ, when we submit to Him, He will change us.  Little by little. Bit by bit.  Our hearts will soften. Our words will be gentle.


Grace redeems.


That will be our testimony. That will be what our children remember.


Our legacy will be a testimony of God’s transforming grace.


God is not surprised by our flaws. He is able to create something beautiful in us.

he is able4

So, please…..when you mess up, when you lose your temper, don’t condemn yourself when the Spirit convicts you. Cry out to Jesus.  He will lift you up. He will shower you with grace and mercy, and He will weaken sins hold on you.




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