Be Still

As a boymom, I go from “son up” to “son down.”  My youngest, especially, is quite active.  I wish I could bottle his energy for myself.  Needless to say, when I began Chapter 13, I really was looking for ways to transform his energy and the need of my children to ALWAYS be doing something. However, I got the feeling that this chapter was more about my needs.


First off, let me admit, like I always do, that sometimes I try to keep the kids busy with TV, video games, or other activities so I can just get things done.  In my home, there is that never-ending pile of dirty laundry that needs to be washed and the clean pile that needs to be put away.  There is food to prepare. Pets need to be fed. And somehow, random dishes keep appearing in the sink even after I’ve put everything way.  I also have school work to do, Sunday School lessons to prepare, and blog posts to write.  I also may want to read a book.  Really, there isn’t a lot of free time, because I haven’t even mentioned getting children to their extra activities.  We are always on the go.


Sometimes, I just get worn out. When I get tired, I get cranky. Then I can get angry very quickly.


My children are the same way.When they’ve had enough, they become very emotional and nothing makes them happy. Signs of pure exhaustion.


We need rest…..and I hate that we have to be reminded to rest.  God commands it, but we ignore it.


One of my favorite verses is  Psalm 46:10.

be still

It is a reminder to me that I need God to have complete reign over my life. The only way to do that is to rest in Him, talk with Him, spend quality time with Him.


When I do those things, I change.  The relationships with my loved ones change. We are all much more content….You know if Mama ain’t happy then……


I loved Wendy’s quote that said, “A Mom must guard her own quiet heart before she can tend to the over stimulated hearts of her children.”  There is so much truth in that. I can’t be the mom they need me to be if my heart isn’t in the right place.


Somehow, as moms, we need to find balance…..balance in all the day to day requirements and finding time to strengthen our souls in Christ.


How would you do that? How would you make sure that you put God first so you can minister to and lead your children?  For me, I get up a bit earlier than everyone else.  Yes, I’m tired, but the coffee helps.  This gives me time to pray and read His Word.  When I start my day like that, it affects my decisions and attitude for the day.


And what about the noise level?  Wendy suggested getting rid of background noise.  I am a music lover, and worship music relaxes me.  When I am cleaning house and doing other chores, I listen to music.  I often find that my kids will change activities so they can focus on the worship music as well.  When we are in the car, we listen to WayFM or worship CDs.  This gives us the opportunity to sing and discuss the songs.


Lastly, how can you hand over all of your busyness to the Lord and let Him have complete reign over your to do list?




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