Let me be honest…..I love a good video game.  It all started with Frogger, and then I fell in love with these two brothers, Mario and Luigi.  007 on the XBox made me motion sick, but Wii Sports Resort has a great variety of game.  Now, I enjoy a good game of Frozen Free Fall.


And honestly, I don’t mind my kids playing video games.  We’ve had some bowling tournaments and played a bunch of Mario baseball.  What I do mind though is the battle of taking turns and them not being glued to them.


In Chapter 12, Amber talked about the effects of video game addictions:

  • change in attitudes
  • begging and pleading
  • arguing over taking turns
  • general fit throwing

All in all, these effects can lead to one major problem: Gaming becomes an idol.


And it does.


I’ll admit that some days, I have spent more time playing HayDay and Frozen Free Fall than I did in God’s Word.  I’ll also admit, that I’ve continued to play a game when my children have tried talking to me or told them, “Hang on. Let me finish this game.”


All of these are things my children have done as well.


Usually, when my children do these things, it leads to frustration which then turns into anger.  Then one day, I came across this gem….

video game

Kind of speaks to you, doesn’t it?


Many times, God convicted me of the fact that I was placing silly little games above Him and my family.  God used that quote to convict me even further of my sin and hypocrisy.


So, I started making some changes, and my changes caused changes in my boys.  I even had to break up with Hay Day. When I put my technology away, I noticed they started putting theirs away more.  Sure there are some days they just want to veg out with an iPad or XBox game, but mostly, they’ve been finding others ways to spend their time.  The biggest issue we have now is when one brother wants another brother to play a game, but that brother doesn’t want to.


What about you?  How does gaming (or any type of technology) affect your children?  From Amber’s list, which of those triggers do you have to deal with the most?


Have you made changes in  your child’s use of technology?  What has worked for you?


Here’s a challenge for you: Talk to your family about Hebrews 13:5.  Post it in your home near video games or anything else that has become an idol.  Pray each time you see it that you and your family would put Christ above anything else, and ask Him to strengthen your relationship with Him and your family.






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