A Mom’s Gotta Do What a Mom’s Gotta Do

It’s tough being a girl.  Then life gets a little more complicated when you become a mom.


For me, I dreamed of being a mom. Two boys and a girl.  Getting married, having a family….yes, that’s what I wanted. As a kid, I would name my baby dolls just like I would have named my own children.


Now that I am a mom, 3 boys and no girls makes me an official BOYMOM, I struggle with more than naming babies.  No mom wants to admit that she struggles, that she loses her temper, that her smile is fake because she just threatened to “fire their little bottoms up” if they didn’t stop arguing.  We don’t want to appear to be falling apart when we are. We don’t want others knowing our secret battles because that will make us failures. Right?




I will never claim to be the perfect mom. I mess up. A lot.  But thankfully, God pulls me back together.  He provides me with His love and wisdom, His Word, and other women that I can connect to. I love that…that God created us for an ultimate relationship with Him, but He also provides us with amazing relationships with others.  And in this world of mommyhood, we need those relationships.  All to often, because of Satan’s lies, we feel alone.  But we aren’t. Thank the good Lord we are NOT alone.


We laugh in Sunday School because we are thankful that we aren’t “the only one,” that there are women just like us, struggling just like us. Not that we wish ill will on anyone, but its that comfort of saying, “Hey, Girl! I’m right there with you!”


So starting this week, I’m saying, “Hey, Girl! I’m right there with you!  You are not along in this journey.”  This week, I’m starting the study of the book Triggers: Exchanging Parents’ Angry Reactions for Gentle Biblical Responses.


Why? Because I’ve found myself to be an angry mom.


There were (and still are) days where I don’t like myself. I’m not please with how I’ve reacted to my children.  At one point, I noticed that I was always critical and yelling, and my relationship with my children was NOT what I wanted it to be.  Something had to give.


Last year, my Five Minute Friday friend, LeeAnn started an online book study of the book Triggers.  I was all in.  I looked at that word….triggers….and asked myself “What exactly sets me off?”  Then I read the rest of the title and the words reactions and responses struck a chord with me.  My heart told me I needed to find the difference between the two words and work to become a mom who responds, not reacts.


This book study touched my heart in so many ways, from the words written in the book to the community of women who shared their dark mom moments, to our wonderful Father who guided us through it, to change our hearts.


Recently, I’ve talked with some amazing women, and they were all in to do a book study too.  So, that’s why we are here……We are a bunch of women who realize we don’t have it all together, we aren’t perfect, and we want a biblical change to our angry reactions.


I invite you to join us.  Although most of our “group” work will be through a private online space, I will be here as well, sharing. I invite you to share along with us.  If you wish to purchase your own copy of Triggers, you can do so HERE.  Our online journey here will begin on March 1.


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