I Draw Stick People

A while back, I began following certain people and online stores on Instagram and saw post after post of bible journaling.



The designs and colors were beautiful. I absolutely loved the thought of doodling and coloring God’s Word.

There’s one thing though.

I don’t consider myself very artistic when it comes to drawing and sketching. Seriously, I draw stick people. You should have seen my life cycle of a frog and butterfly diagrams when I taught fourth grade science. They were quite comical to say the least.

Well, I’m one of those girls that sees something awesome and beautiful and want a piece of it. So, for months, I considered buying a journaling bible. I even carried one around LifeWay and then put it back. While in the checkout line, I sent my 13 year old son back to get it, but he brought back the wrong one. I decided against it. I was hesitant because I’m not very good at drawing. I saw those beautiful pictures on Instagram and then on Pinterest and convinced myself I would never be able to make something so beautiful.


I talked to my coworker Jane about the journaling bibles (she’s a former art teacher turned media specialist). She was in love too, and we encouraged each other to get one. But still, I had this fear that I would mess it up. I love my bibles. All of them. I highlight and circle and write and underline and draw clouds around certain verses. I didn’t want to risk ruining a bible with crayons and markers and stickers.

My mother-in-law got me a journaling bible for Christmas. I loved it and was terrified at the same time. I let it sit. And sit. And sit some more.


Until one day…..

I decided it was time and created my first journal entry.


I admit that I was quite pleased even though it wasn’t exactly like what I’d seen on social media. I didn’t ruin it on the first try and that was a very good thing! And I realized…..

It’s not supposed to look like the other examples on social media.


This is MY journaling bible.
This is MY artistic ability (or lack of).
This is MY time with God.


And that, my friend, is what is important.

I’m spending time in God’s Word. I’m reading and listening. I’m creating from being inspired by Him. And I’m in love with it because I am in love with Christ.


How many times do we let our fears stand in our way? We doubt our abilities and give up without trying. We fear judgement from others and ourselves. We don’t believe we are good enough. But we are good enough. God says we are, even if we draw stick people or dance like a duck or sing off key.

Colossians 3:23 says, “Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men.”

Sometimes we forget that. We judge ourselves before even getting started because we fear others. But my bible time, that’s for me and God. I don’t have to post pictures of what I create during this time. I shouldn’t care if you like it or not. I should care that my time was pleasing to the Lord.


Are you holding back from something? Are you wanting to do something for God, but you’re gripped by fear? God will break those chains. He loves you, and He doesn’t care if you are like me and draw stick people. Do what God calls you to do. He will bless you when you are obedient.


This post was originally posted at http://alifeworthlivingforhim.blogspot.com/2016/02/i-draw-stick-people.html


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