Losing My Mind

There’s a rap song that says, “Y’all gon’ make me lose my mind! Up in here! Up in here!”

Yes, you just read that right.

And sometimes I feel like that.

Like today.


With a couple of sick kids, a couple of dogs being “Underground Fence Trained,” and trying out some new stuff on the blog…..well, I lost control of my fingers and hit delete  and deleted my original Five Minute Friday post.

I searched and looked and prayed that I’d find a way to get it back. After all, I’d already linked up at Kate’s and shared the post to Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

And I could have lost my mind.  I made a mistake and messed up.  I could have totally freaked out, but I kept my cool.

And I’m learning to do that more and more.  To let go of the things I have no control over (which is practically everything), and let God take complete control.

My mistake is letting me test the waters here at WordPress.  My mistake is giving me a second chance.  My mistake has let me see how creative I can be in this space.

And I will try to keep those things in mind…..when there are things I can’t control or mistakes I make…..I’ll breath and let God……..


Thank you for joining me here at maybe my new blog home. I’m going to give WordPress a try.  I’d love for you to do me a couple of favors….

1st If you are new to Five Minute Friday, please visit Kate’s to find out how to get involved in this community of word lovers.

2nd Please visit these two separate posts: Jayden’s FMF Post and Maddie’s FMF Post.  They are two of my fifth graders who had unique and moving words to share this week.


One thought on “Losing My Mind

  1. kelly @kellyblackwell says:

    You popped a little musical earworm into my head with that DMX song. I don’t think I’ve thought of it in years.

    I enjoyed your post. I love mistakes. I must since I make them all the time, but really, we learn more from mistakes and a little struggle. Didn’t chocolate chip cookies come from a bit of a mistake or at the very least not following the recipe as it should have been?

    Dropping by from FMF. I think I am around #81. 🙂
    Have a blessed weekend.


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